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Advanced Reporting in Cognos

We have been working on InforEAM (formerly Datastream7i) for over 10 years and have been involved in various implementations and customizations for clients across the globe.

This has enabled us to have a in depth knowledge of the data model of the product across all modules. We have already developed 75+ Cognos reports covering versions from 7.10, 8.2 and 8.3 and have a clear picture of the internal architecture of Infor EAM along with Datastream 7i Advanced Reporting in Cognos.

Sample Reports

  • Proactive Monitoring Summary – This report is a parent/child report with crosstab summary data at parent level and tabular detail data at child level. The report is used to check for proactive use and its affects on reactive cause month on month. This report is using the drill down feature of Cognos for displaying tabular detail data of parent report. (Download Proactive Monitoring Child Report)
  • Quarterly Work Order Maintenance Report – This report provides a comprehensive summary of call center activity in the previous three months, with separate statistics for each of the weeks in the quarter.
  • Work Order Maintenance Cost Report – This report is a graphical representation of the maintenance cost of work orders based on different job types for different months.
  • Long Term Workload Simulation Report – The purpose of the report is to provide users with a tool for long term forecasting of labor requirement planned for PM work orders and projects. This report generates simulated data for the next 12 months from the current date.
  • PO Report – This report generates the details of different purchase orders