MCT India Infotech Pvt.Ltd.

Company Overview


MCT INDIA is a global expert in the domain of Asset Management and its services. The company is focused on delivering value through integrated solutions for Asset intensive companies / Industries that help enterprises across the world overcome stiff maintenance challenges. These solutions leverage innovations in maintenance technology, knowledge of business processes and domain expertise to provide clients uncover and realize their latent profits.

As a strategic partner, MCT INDIA helps its clients transform into a truly web-based, data-driven enterprise and empower them to take advantage of the EAM to innovate, differentiate and grow. By leveraging the cutting-edge technology, EAM solutions radically improves the bottom line of client enterprises, thus reducing the cost of labor & maintenance drastically, and maximizes productivity and efficiency in business processes, and lowers the total cost of ownership.

MCT INDIA is a team of young and dynamic professionals, expert in integrating complex business solutions by implementing Enterprise Asset Management. We help our client organizations achieve optimum utilization of their assets thus converting their Maintenance cost centers into profits centers.