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Industries – Health Care

Industries – Health Care

Hospitals and healthcare facilities like yours face increasing pressures to grow operating margins and comply with regulatory standards, even as you strive to meet your primary mission—providing high quality patient care. As the healthcare industry focuses on achieving top-line growth, it faces a major challenge in managing medical equipment, which includes tracking and managing mobile assets, complying with ever- changing regulatory standards, guarding against equipment failures, and managing clinical equipment inventory. All this is complicated by the increasingly important role of energy usage, and the need to ensure higher asset performance at a lower energy cost. Your healthcare organization needs an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution that can help you recognize and effectively monitor and manage all your facilities and equipment costs—one that supports the business side of your services.

With more than 20 years of experience and partners of the market’s most comprehensive asset management solutions, MCT can help healthcare organizations like yours get the most out of their medical equipment and facilities. Developed specifically for your industry by a team of experienced hospital engineers, EAM Healthcare contains modules explicitly configured for hospital facilities, and iomedical engineering and maintenance departments. It includes asset management, work management, and project management tools to help your organization operate more efficiently and effectively. Whether your facility is local or international in scope, a small 40-bed community hospital, or one of the largest 100+ bed

hospital systems, this. solution’s enterprise capability can meet your needs.

Health, Safety and Environment solution is a central platform that integrates health, safety and environment processes with work and asset management. The solution provides reporting for incidents spanning work, personnel, safety, health and environmental areas, and offers capabilities for managing change processes and non- conformance of engineering specifications, materials, components, parts and processes.

In short, EAM Healthcare solution helps to reduce costs and increase accountability in a highly regulated and volatile.