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ION Intergration

Infor’s Intelligent Open Network (ION) is a powerful platform designed to easily integrate with Infor and third-party applications. By using ION to join up your systems, you can effectively identify and eliminate operational silos, improve exception management and achieve end-to-end efficiency.

What can Infor ION give to your business?

  • The ability for all of your systems to easily speak to each other
  • Create workflows and alerts to dramatically improve exception management
  • Easily monitor all of your business in order to make better decisions
  • Manage any business process easily without IT involvement

Why would a business use Infor ION?

If your business has grown rapidly, the chances are that your systems have multiplied and so you end up with a patchwork of disparate systems, creating huge inefficiencies, information silos, costly maintenance and missed opportunities. ION sets out to correct this, by integrating all of your systems and identifying areas where information may be lost.