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Power Plant

Whether you’re producing energy though nuclear, coal, gas, wind, hydroelectric, or other means, power generation companies like yours are continuously under pressure to manage significant risks while addressing escalating demands. New rules and mandates are continually being introduced, creating new legal and regulatory compliance requirements, while emerging and changing standards can impact your production practices.

At the same time, you’re challenged to meet increasing operational and financial demands. Despite the constraints of your budget, you’re expected to deliver continuous performance gains that translate into solid business results.

To ensure you’re meeting these demands, you need to monitor, manage, and maintain your enterprise assets with increasing skill and precision. You need to track energy usage (and possibly waste) to determine how well your assets are performing. You need to aggressively manage maintenance cycles, optimize assets, and maintain full compliance.

If you rely on a rigid, monolithic software system to manage your enterprise assets—as do many organizations in the power generation field—you are vulnerable to needless costs and liabilities from using an inflexible solution. You might even be putting your company’s reputation at risk. Infor addresses these challenges and more with Maximo Asset Management for Power Generation—a solution designed specifically for organizations in the power generation sector.

Generate stronger results

Enhance operational performance while adhering to regulatory requirements and best practices with Maximo Asset Management for Power Generation’s comprehensive offering of enterprise asset management (EAM) capabilities. You’ll optimize the value and performance of your assets while ensuring your asset infrastructure is safe, compliant, cost effective, and fully maintained. Increase operational, safety, and environmental performance with industry-leading capabilities, such as built-in predictive maintenance, consumptive maintenance, performance monitoring, and alerting. You’ll have control of 80% or more of your operating and maintenance expenses, taking operations far beyond the 25% to 30% that’s typical for other asset management solutions.

Maximize your performance

Strengthen your performance, protect your reputation, and ensure you are fully compliant with regulatory demands. With Maximo Asset Management for Power Generation you’ll be able to:

  • Enhance asset performance with a complete, proactive, and responsive asset management strategy
  • Reduce operational expenses by enhancing equipment uptime and energy efficiency
  • Increase labor productivity by as much as 20%
  • Gain 80% visibility into your operating and maintenance expenses
  • Improve safety and regulatory compliance through greater control
  • Reduce your carbon emission